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Latest update of this page was runned on February 5th 2009. This webpage is only for private purpose and the used material is (if not other stated) property of the Heck family. This pagee is meant to bring fun to our families and friends. We appologize at this point if we post pictures you find boring (or do not post the pictures you are looking for). In our age we have the desire to protect the youth of this planet.

Who we are:

born: December 31st 1981
in Heidelberg, Germany
occupation: Engineer
languages: German, English, Bavarian
special intersts: sports, music, travel, cooking

born: September 21st 1982
in Seaside, Oregon, United States
occupation: Attorney
languages: English, Spanish (a little), German (more than I admit)
special interests: travel, my husband, eating, dancing