Here we tried to put together a colletion of the best pictures which did not fir into any of the other albums. Some of these just needed to be shown. Have fun...

disneyandi37_small.jpg disneyandi97_small.jpg disneyandi103_small.jpg disneyandi104_small.jpg
disneyandi105_small.jpg floridabernhard1_small.jpg floridabernhard3_small.jpg floridabernhard6_small.jpg
floridabernhard7_small.jpg floridabernhard11_small.jpg floridabernhard12_small.jpg floridabernhard16_small.jpg
floridabernhard_small.jpg hooters_small.jpg hooters5_small.jpg hooters6_small.jpg
hooters7_small.jpg hooters18_small.jpg hooters21_small.jpg relaxinflorida5_small.jpg
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